28 June 2017

New York City, New York Athletic Club



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Connecting Top US corporates with experienced SSC investors in Central-Eastern Europe”
 At this inaugural USA-Europe SSC Awards Summit and Gala, it is all about focus. Our focus is on the human talent in Central-Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, Czech, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria. We expect nearly 150 VIP guests with about 50 being American firms interested in setting up or expanding their existing business services centres in central eastern Europe. The Summit is a half-day of peer-to-peer discussion panels, led exclusively by American companies who operate SSCs in Central-Eastern Europe, from a wide range of industries, and functions such as F&A, procurement, ITO, R&D, HRO, and more advanced services like quantitative analysis.
 The intensive one-day Summit and evening Awards Gala is a very efficient way for US “mid-market” firms to explore the possibilities and meet a large number of existing American companies active in the CEE region. These are “peer-to-peer” meetings among CFOs, and global process directors.
 Who should attend?
  • Major US corporations that are already operating Shared Services centres in CEE, and are keen to “swap notes” on best-practices, up-and-coming locations, salary and compensation developments, and robotics implementation.

  • US mid-market firms exploring the possibilities of opening new Shared Service centres in Europe, with the aim of dramatically lowering costs and streamlining business processes.

  • American IT and software firms seeking to strengthen their relationships with world-class overseas IT service providers.

  • Any US-based firm that seeks immediate, Year-One boosts to bottom line, by reducing back-office finance and administrative costs, in a region with extraordinary language skills and world-class business talent.

Despite more than 400 global corporations (and more than 150 US corporates) already operating SSCs in Central Eastern Europe, the region continues to attract American companies attracted by substantial cost savings and world-class talent. Indeed 50% of the global investment in the SSC sector in CEE is from American companies. We believe that the CEE region is a compelling proposition for US “mid-market” firms not yet present in the region.

In addition to a 40-strong Jury composed of experienced SSC directors of US firms who have already invested in CEE, our other guests are a font of knowledge about the SSC sector in CEE. In addition to these top global SSC execs on our Jury, we expect more than 30 US “mid-market” firms who are in early or advanced stages of exploring the possibilities of expanding in Europe, and specifically in the CEE region. More than 15 cities from across central Europe (typically Investor Services Directors) will also be present.


CEE Business Media is proud to host the first annual USA-Europe Shared Services Summit and Awards. We are 100% focused on the Central Eastern Europe market – and have been for the last 25 years. We also operate the annual CEE Shared Services Awards (6th year) in Poland, publish the annual CEE Shared Services Directory, operate the SSC Heroes Poland community portal, and organize the annual Romania-Bulgaria-Serbia SSC Roadshow.

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